Inspiring Cancer Quotes Coloring Book


An adult coloring book based on inspiring cancer quotes is a lovely item to help you or a loved one through their journey. Blank pages have been inserted between the artwork for ideas, journaling, or for anything that comes to mind to write down.


As someone who has been through this journey, I hope that this coloring book and journal with some amazing inspiring quotes, help you or your loved ones win your fight!


No one can truly know how it feels, but from one survivor and fighter to another, writing down your feelings and journey, will not only help you, but it can also be a conversation to your loved ones on how you feel.  I have also provided inspirational quotes specifically to our illness that can be uplifting and colorful once you’ve used your pens, pencils, or crayons to create your masterpiece!

To every cancer Fighter, you all are in my thoughts and prayers!

Grab your copy here!


All My Love,



Bricks and Windows






It’s as though I’m a prisoner.

There are bars outside my windows,

Yet I write with my back to them.

I can feel them etched,

Burnt into my back.

The view is worse

With a brick wall just several yards away.

When stuck and stunted

When the page is blank,

I stare at the bricks.

Not for inspiration

But to just get out of my head.

I notice the different colors and their borders

Almost like a meditation

But without the peace.


I am not an offender.

Not in the sense of being

Mad or murderous.

I live in New York.

The bars are for my children

So they will not fall six stories down.

And my view of the brick wall

Is of the building behind.


This is how we live here.

Bars         Walls

Dark         Damp Apartments

Without direct sunlight

And never to see the sky.

For the sky is scraped

With bricks and walls and bars on the windows.


© Jill M Roberts 2016 All Rights Reserved

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A Moment of Happiness 

From my poetry blog

A Moment of Happiness​

It started out as an ordinary day,

Any ordinary day in one’s life.

We had probably been out the night before,

This memory escapes me now.

We woke to coffee and cigarettes

As we usually did.

You were on the Gucci site

Showing me the style of suit you had wanted.

We decided to hit Gucci on 5th Avenue.

Parenthetically, if you remember,

I wore sweats and a T-shirt, and you,

You wore your father’s old suit which kept it’s wear.

Here we were, walking toward Gucci,

Debating on whether I should visit Iceland on holiday.

Outside the store,

We were one of the anonymous,

But inside, we stepped into another world,

One of the rich, on 5th Avenue in New York City

Where price tags do not exist.

I remember the elevator ride and our conversation.

Stepping out to be greeted by a salesperson,

Whom I ordered around and kept on his toes due to his thirst for a sale.

A vision of you,

Standing there in the suit chalked up by the tailor.

I handed you a wine glass filled with Pelligrino,

To wash down the Xanax forced into your mouth.

When all was done, we were outside again,

Amongst the anonymous.

Later that night, we sat at the Whiskey Bar celebrating our day.

I remember hearing glimpses of U2’s “Beautiful Day”

In the background and thinking how appropriate.

I thought this was the beginning of happiness,

And there would always be more.

It was happiness, the moment.

All our feelings, yours and mine, all mixed up.

The madness of it all.

You see I wanted to give you it all, the world if possible.

To make you happy, in every viable platform.

I know now you did not want it.

Left with everything unsaid and undone between us.

Having that one day with you was my moment of happiness.

You have given all you had to offer for me.

For us.

I am here and you are there,

A huge distance between us.

Know, even though we have not spoken,

I am here,

For the conversation, the friendship, the silence.

Remember always what I said to you before I fled to England,

The night we walked the promenade;

Love doesn’t end because we don’t see each other.

No matter how you look at it,

It’s only Love after all.

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Quote of the day 

Arthur is a legend and a hero. The Arthur perceived through the legends is somewhat based on fact and he did, through many ways exist. He lives on immortally now, in our faith, hearts, minds, and writings. So, if his bones were discovered, and he will not return to rule as the legends states, he still remains alive through us.

Jill M Roberts 

June 25, 2015~Happy Birthday to Me! Jill M Roberts born and raised in New York City fell in love with the Arthurian Legends and spent her twenties scouring England for rare books. Jill has written articles about King Arthur for academic journals and books about his history and legends. In 1998 she became a member of the International Arthurian Society and writes about King Arthur still. 

In Loving Memory/Writing Prompt


March 3, 2080

Roberts, Jill M, born to Carmel and George on the 25th Of June 1976 in New York City.
M. Stefan Czarnecki 2002-2065
Left behind two children, Liam and Emma
Lived in London and New York
Jill was a wonderful mother, daughter, granddaughter, wife, and friend
At the age of 25 she battled cancer and won. She loved many and they her.
Her legacy is her children and writing.
She was a poet and lover of British history and wrote about the legendary King Arthur.
May she Rest In Peace

In Loving Memory