Quote of the Day for November 26th

I’m fascinated with the stories that we tell. Real histories become fantasies and fairy tales, morality tales and fables. 

~Kara Walker

Kara Walker (born November 26, 1969) is a MacArthur “genius grant” winner and artist who’s become internationally known for using black cut-paper silhouettes to portray the African American experience in the antebellum South. Among the books containing her work and comments are Kara Walker: Pictures from Another Time, Kara Walker: Narratives of a Negress, and After the Deluge.


Quote of the Day for November 14th

Why be so bloody miserable when you can pick up a good book or watch a great television drama? 

~Michael Dobbs

Michael Dobbs (born November 14, 1948) not only wrote the political thriller House of Cards, which has been adapted into an award-winning Netflix series, but he has long been involved in British politics. He was an adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and he became a member of the House of Lords in 2010.

Quote of the day for Veterans Day

Let’s take a moment to Remember, Appreciate, and Thank All of our Men and Women who have Served in the Armed Forces so We can Have and Hold Dear the Freedoms we Enjoy. 

The nicest veterans…the kindest and funniest ones, the ones who hated war the most, were the ones who’d really fought. 

~Kurt Vonnegut

It’s Veterans Day and Kurt Vonnegut’s birthday. The bestselling author of Slaughterhouse-Five (born November 11, 1922) drew on his experiences during World War II to craft his satirical antiwar novel. He had been captured by the Germans and survived the firebombing of Dresden—an event that appears in the book. Among his other popular works are Cat’s Cradle, Breakfast of Champions, and God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater.

Submissions for Book Reviews 


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A Moment of Happiness 

From my poetry blog JillNYC.com

A Moment of Happiness​

It started out as an ordinary day,

Any ordinary day in one’s life.

We had probably been out the night before,

This memory escapes me now.

We woke to coffee and cigarettes

As we usually did.

You were on the Gucci site

Showing me the style of suit you had wanted.

We decided to hit Gucci on 5th Avenue.

Parenthetically, if you remember,

I wore sweats and a T-shirt, and you,

You wore your father’s old suit which kept it’s wear.

Here we were, walking toward Gucci,

Debating on whether I should visit Iceland on holiday.

Outside the store,

We were one of the anonymous,

But inside, we stepped into another world,

One of the rich, on 5th Avenue in New York City

Where price tags do not exist.

I remember the elevator ride and our conversation.

Stepping out to be greeted by a salesperson,

Whom I ordered around and kept on his toes due to his thirst for a sale.

A vision of you,

Standing there in the suit chalked up by the tailor.

I handed you a wine glass filled with Pelligrino,

To wash down the Xanax forced into your mouth.

When all was done, we were outside again,

Amongst the anonymous.

Later that night, we sat at the Whiskey Bar celebrating our day.

I remember hearing glimpses of U2’s “Beautiful Day”

In the background and thinking how appropriate.

I thought this was the beginning of happiness,

And there would always be more.

It was happiness, the moment.

All our feelings, yours and mine, all mixed up.

The madness of it all.

You see I wanted to give you it all, the world if possible.

To make you happy, in every viable platform.

I know now you did not want it.

Left with everything unsaid and undone between us.

Having that one day with you was my moment of happiness.

You have given all you had to offer for me.

For us.

I am here and you are there,

A huge distance between us.

Know, even though we have not spoken,

I am here,

For the conversation, the friendship, the silence.

Remember always what I said to you before I fled to England,

The night we walked the promenade;

Love doesn’t end because we don’t see each other.

No matter how you look at it,

It’s only Love after all.

Even though it’s Monday, here’s a Great Quote to start February off…


Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby. 
~Langston Hughes

Harlem Renaissance icon Langston Hughes (born February 1, 1902) was elected class poet at his grammar school in Lincoln, Illinois. Though largely ambivalent about the “appointment” at the time, he began seriously writing short stories and poems a few years later.

Quote of the Day for 31st of January 


The dead can survive as part of the lives of those that still live. 
Kenzaburō Ōe

Happy birthday, Kenzaburō Ōe! The Nobel Prize winner owes his love of stories to his mother, who bought him The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Wonderful Adventures of Nils when he was a young boy. Ōe has said he “will carry to the grave” the impact of these books on his life.

On this day…


On This Day 28th August 1595

On 28th August 1595, Sir Francis Drake and Sir John Hawkins departed England on what was to prove their final voyage. Whilst the Spanish Armada of 1588 had been defeated, this by no means meant that the power of Spain was overcome, and throughout the 1590s there had been further low-level warfare. One of the tactics employed was the capturing of the Spanish ships, returning from the West Indies, laden with the silver and other precious items found there. This had the added advantage of enriching the Queen (who was desperately short of cash to pay for armies) and the captains themselves. On this particular occasion, they headed for San Juan, in Puerto Rico, but, despite two attempts, failed to capture the port. Both Drake and Hawkins fell ill during the voyage, dying and being buried at sea.

New site to come!

Shortly I’m embarking on a new subject matter for which a new site is being created! You know my long love of British history and the Kings of Britain, my newest endeavor is that of the Tudor Dynasty. I intend to publish facts and myths about  The Tudors including King Henry VIII, the Tudor Court, Politics, Religion and anything and everything during their reign of England. I hope to find all your questions and comments about this vast and intriguing subject! I look forward to hearing your thoughts. 
All My Best, 

Jill M Roberts