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On This Day 28th August 1595

On 28th August 1595, Sir Francis Drake and Sir John Hawkins departed England on what was to prove their final voyage. Whilst the Spanish Armada of 1588 had been defeated, this by no means meant that the power of Spain was overcome, and throughout the 1590s there had been further low-level warfare. One of the tactics employed was the capturing of the Spanish ships, returning from the West Indies, laden with the silver and other precious items found there. This had the added advantage of enriching the Queen (who was desperately short of cash to pay for armies) and the captains themselves. On this particular occasion, they headed for San Juan, in Puerto Rico, but, despite two attempts, failed to capture the port. Both Drake and Hawkins fell ill during the voyage, dying and being buried at sea.


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February 6, 1952
Britain’s King George VI died; he was succeeded by his daughter, Elizabeth II.

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February 6
1940 – Tom Brokaw
(1911-2004) – Ronald Reagan
(1895-1948) – Babe Ruth

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