The Infinite Character of King Arthur hit #1 in it’s genre on Amazon! Grab Your FREE Copy!

The Infinite Character of King Arthur hit #1 in it’s genre on Amazon!

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Arthur is a legend and a hero. The Arthur perceived through the legends is somewhat based on fact and he did, through many ways exist. He lives on immortally now, in our faith, hearts, minds, and writings. So, if his bones were discovered, and he will not return to rule as the legends states, he still remains alive through us.

Jill M Roberts 

June 25, 2015~Happy Birthday to Me! Jill M Roberts born and raised in New York City fell in love with the Arthurian Legends and spent her twenties scouring England for rare books. Jill has written articles about King Arthur for academic journals and books about his history and legends. In 1998 she became a member of the International Arthurian Society and writes about King Arthur still. 

The Art of Upcycling by C J Robb

Upcycling can be fun, and it is a wonderful way to let your creative side loose. With upcycling, you take an item that is old and worn or not being used. You can then make it into something that you do use or that you share with someone else.
As you explore the art of upcycling, you will be very excited about all it offers. Since there are no limits to the materials you can use or what you can create, it is interesting to see what you can come up with. The only limits will be those that you set for yourself!

This is the ebook edition and the paperback is out March 10th!

Thank you to all my friends, family, and to you reading this post for all your enthusiasm and support!

The 10 Keys to Happiness: Simple Ways to Enjoy Life

Hi All,
Hope you are having a wonderful day! I just wanted to tell you about one of my books, The 10 Keys to Happinesss. Happiness is the underlying foundation that influences the quality of life. Have you ever seen someone who lives in a small house and has an older car? They may not be rich in terms of material things, but they are beyond rich in their happiness.
We all go through things in life that we wish we didn’t have to. This can change how we feel and our outlook. Yet you have a choice to either go through life miserable or to be happy. You are the only one in control of that. There may be plenty of variables in life you can’t control, but your happiness should never be in the hands of someone else.

We all owe it to ourselves to be happy. To truly make a difference in our own lives and others. In this book, I will take you through it step-by-step to learn how to live without the cheap drama and ultimately learn how to be happy and abundantly fulfilled. Some of the topics you will learn are Positive Thinking, How to surround yourself with Good People, Learning how to say NO, How to make time for YOU, How to get your finances under control, Offer Forgiveness, and how to Stop comparing yourself to others, plus much more!

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Make it a Great Day! 🙂

Mirrored Voices: Emerging Poets Anthology

Mirrored Voices Cover

I am so blessed to have worked with such a talented and amazing group of people for my latest project. It’s a great anthology of poetry from authors from all over the globe. If you get a chance, pick up a copy and let me know what you think.

Emerging Poets Anthology

Authored by Paul Morabito, Regis McCafferty, Carolyn O’Connell, Frederick Espiritu, Mark Green, Jill M. Roberts, Ben Ditmars, Jaideep Khanduja, Isabella J. Mansfield, Aric Cushing, Jason Hein, Aaron L. Speer, Irum Zahra, R. M. Romarney, David Russell, Mallory Smart, Roberto Carlos Martinez

This combined poetic anthology embraces free thinking of the untapped mind and spirit. A vast array of talented emerging poets from around the globe share their voices together in harmony. Only by glaring into the depths of ones own reflection can we find our true selves. It is here where the mirrored voices of our souls speak and can be heard.

Mirrored Voices link

About the author:
This combined poetic anthology embraces free thinking of the untapped mind and spirit. A vast array of talented emerging poets from around the globe share their voices together in harmony. Only by glaring into the depths of ones own reflection can we find our true selves. It is here where the mirrored voices of our souls speak and can be heard. Authors include Paul Morabito, Aric Cushing, Jason Hein, R.M Romarney, Roberto Carlos Martinez, David Russell, Regis McCafferty, Carolyn O’Connell, Mallory Smart, Jill M. Roberts, Isabella J. Mansfield, Ben Ditmars, Mark Green, Frederick Espiritu, Irum Zahra, Aaron L. Speer and Jaideep Khanduja.

Crowdfunding: How to Make Your Project an Instant Success by Jill M Roberts

Hi All,
I just published a guide on how to get your project off the ground via Crowdfunding. If you are an artist (i.e. writer, painter, illustrator, photographer) or an entrepreneur building up your business, or have a project of any kind that you’d like to be successful, than you might want to look into Crowdfunding! It’s a way of financing your project so you can devote the time you need to it rather than working a 9-5 and trying to fit it in whenever you have free time, which nowadays is next to never. But that’s not all there is to Crowdfunding. Some gurus out there preach that you need to spend more time on internet marketing than that of your craft. Some other gurus say the opposite. I believe it depends on the person. If you’re an entrepreneur and don’t want to run the day to day details of your business, but feel that working on marketing is better for the success of your company, that’s great and Crowdfunding can work with you toward that goal. For me personally, I’d rather write than deal with all the internet marketing, SEO optimization and all the other million things that I need done to get my writing out there. Whichever road is yours, Crowdfunding can help! Here’s an excerpt of my new book on the subject…

“Getting a project or business idea off the ground is very possible with the world of e-commerce. You can get started without a ton of money invested in marketing and other elements of a brick and mortar business. It also means less overhead so more money can be created as profits.

The biggest obstacle though is reaching the target audience. They have so many choices when it comes to shopping around online. It can be too easy for your business to get lost in the shuffle. Taking actions that will kick start what your project is all about is very important.

One way to do this is through the process of crowdfunding. You may not be very familiar with what it offers or how to go about it. Yet this one concept can make a profound difference in the outcome for you. That is why more people are using it as a tool and a resource for what they wish to promote online.

There are differences between crowdfunding and donations. They aren’t the same, and understanding that is important. The biggest difference is that crowdfunding is part of the American JOBS Act. This allows it to be considered a part of online sales, similar to stock in small amounts to large numbers of investors. This is still a work in progress, but the concept is already up and running.

The basic concepts of what crowdfunding sites offer is the same. However, they have many differences among them too. Before you post a project, take some time to see what each offers. In a later chapter, we will talk about some of the best ones to consider. In another chapter, the concept of matching up the right platform with a given campaign to generate funding is also discussed.

You may be saying you like the idea of crowdfunding, yet you are still somewhat intimidated by it. This information will share with you the process step by step so you know what to do and how to do it. You will also learn the best forms of crowdfunding that work well for a given type of project or idea.”

If interested in using Crowdfunding for your current or next project, please pick up a copy on Amazon (It’s published in all territories all over the world) and if you need some advice, please do not hesitate to contact me! This is a step-by-step guide for Newbies and those who know a bit or more about Crowdfunding, so it’s for everyone! Like I said, I am an email away, you can contact me through WordPress or my private email

For my US friends, You can find the book here (and for a limited time only at $2.99, A New Year price to Your Success!)

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Here’s to New Year Resolutions and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!