A Moment of Happiness 

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A Moment of Happiness​

It started out as an ordinary day,

Any ordinary day in one’s life.

We had probably been out the night before,

This memory escapes me now.

We woke to coffee and cigarettes

As we usually did.

You were on the Gucci site

Showing me the style of suit you had wanted.

We decided to hit Gucci on 5th Avenue.

Parenthetically, if you remember,

I wore sweats and a T-shirt, and you,

You wore your father’s old suit which kept it’s wear.

Here we were, walking toward Gucci,

Debating on whether I should visit Iceland on holiday.

Outside the store,

We were one of the anonymous,

But inside, we stepped into another world,

One of the rich, on 5th Avenue in New York City

Where price tags do not exist.

I remember the elevator ride and our conversation.

Stepping out to be greeted by a salesperson,

Whom I ordered around and kept on his toes due to his thirst for a sale.

A vision of you,

Standing there in the suit chalked up by the tailor.

I handed you a wine glass filled with Pelligrino,

To wash down the Xanax forced into your mouth.

When all was done, we were outside again,

Amongst the anonymous.

Later that night, we sat at the Whiskey Bar celebrating our day.

I remember hearing glimpses of U2’s “Beautiful Day”

In the background and thinking how appropriate.

I thought this was the beginning of happiness,

And there would always be more.

It was happiness, the moment.

All our feelings, yours and mine, all mixed up.

The madness of it all.

You see I wanted to give you it all, the world if possible.

To make you happy, in every viable platform.

I know now you did not want it.

Left with everything unsaid and undone between us.

Having that one day with you was my moment of happiness.

You have given all you had to offer for me.

For us.

I am here and you are there,

A huge distance between us.

Know, even though we have not spoken,

I am here,

For the conversation, the friendship, the silence.

Remember always what I said to you before I fled to England,

The night we walked the promenade;

Love doesn’t end because we don’t see each other.

No matter how you look at it,

It’s only Love after all.


Quote for today, Thursday, May 21st


Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed. 

Alexander Pope

As a child, Alexander Pope (born May 21, 1688) suffered from illnesses that stunted his growth and gave him persistent headaches. He didn’t let any of that stop him from becoming one of the greatest poets of his age.

All My Best,
Jill M Roberts

Just a Dream


Just a Dream
I was running, panting, and out of breath.
I just couldn’t run anymore.
He was behind me right on my heels.
I had to get to the other side and quickly.
I came to the end and I saw three Doors.
I didn’t know which one was which.
I had to get away and get away fast.
It was eenie meenie miney mo on the go.
I chose the door on the right.
I don’t know why,
It just seemed like that was where I supposed to go.

I had this vibe,
This intuition,
Telling me that safety was beyond that door.
As I opened the door,
A strong wind was whipping around the other side
Trying to suck me in.
The wind wasn’t colorless
It was all different bright colors.
I knew immediate death was imminent
If I didn’t cross that threshold.
The man with the ax had caught up to me.

“Don’t go through that door, young lady.” he growled.
“All you have to do is submit to me,
And this here ax doesn’t have to become your new best friend.” he slyly said with a half grin on his face.
I froze just from his words.
I knew I had to make some sort of move.
I looked at his disheveled face
Then noticed the blood dripping from the ax.
With my hand on the knob,
I turned around and jumped
Into the whirling vortex of air
With my eyes closed.
I said a prayer knowing this was my end.
As the wind sucked me in,
I couldn’t breathe.
My whole body jerked like a seizure.
My eyes opened and I was back home in my bed,
Panting and sweating.
I looked at the clock to see the time.
It had only been 5 minutes since I fell asleep.
The clock displayed 2:17
If you turn that number upside down,
It looks like the name LIZ.
Elizabeth is my first name,
But everyone calls me Liz…

© Jill M Roberts 2015 All Rights Reserved

Quote of the Day for Sunday!


This is what you must be like. Grow wherever life puts you down. 

Ben Okri

Happy 56th birthday, Ben Okri! The Nigerian writer spent his early childhood in London, then moved back to Lagos right before the Nigerian Civil War broke out. His experiences as a child in wartime influenced work like The Famished Road, which won the Booker Prize in 1991.

All My Best,
Jill M Roberts

Quote of the day for Saturday


I’ll love you, dear, I’ll love you 
Till China and Africa meet, 
And the river jumps over the mountain 
And the salmon sing in the street 

W.H. Auden

Soon after British poet W.H. Auden (born February 21, 1907) arrived in New York City he began living at February House, an art commune that also included novelist Carson McCullers, writers Jane and Paul Bowles, and the burlesque performer Gypsy Rose Lee. The house was later demolished because of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

All My Best,
Jill M Roberts

Quote of the Day


The tides are in our veins, we still mirror the stars, life is your child, but there is in me 
Older and harder than life and more impartial, the eye that watched before there was an ocean. 

Robinson Jeffers

Robinson Jeffers (born January 10, 1887) wrote poetry while perched atop Hawk Tower, a 40-foot stone structure on the California coast that he built with his own hands.

All My Best,
Jill M Roberts